​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.

World Travel International.Com is a privately owned and operated multicultural travel club uniquely customized for  travel, sightseeing, cruises and tours.  Welcomed and open to all persons of color and diverse cultural backgrounds (African, Latino/a,Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Asian, Bi-Racial, Native American, Caucasian, etc.), we travel the world nationally and internationally.  Whether you are a child, teenager, young adult, middle age or a senior, we are interested in exploring new lands, new life and new worlds of local culture, diverse people, past and present history,national and international cities and sights, great foods, local sightseeing, adventure and exciting nightlife. No matter if you are the seasoned traveler looking for something different or a newbie seeking the security of a group, support and family, we have the travel journey for you!

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