​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.

Life Coach-Behavioral Therapist

Life coaching is a transformational process in which you discover and demonstrate your potential through process, purpose and perspective.

A life coach is a professional that you can hire to help you define, set and achieve your goals. Life coaches provide motivation and encouragement. The life coach's entire role in the process is to keep you on track toward accomplishing your goals.


Unfortunately, many individuals struggle to set and keep consistent goals. Without a strong plan of action, many never witness a realization of their goals. Life coaches are paid to push the individual over the hump and to see the person through to the accomplishment of their goal(s).


Life coaches charge different rates, depending on their experience and reputation. The average amount charged ranges from $15- $25-$30 to $50 to $100 per service contract to have a session and/or to speak over the phone for 15-20-30-45 or 60 minutes per week.

What is Offered

The life coach will offer advice and insights on helping the individual make plans, hold the individual accountable to take action as well as motivate the individual in any way possible.


"Life coach" is the general term for any person who helps motivate and assist another individual toward reaching his goals. More specific life coaches work in the areas of health and fitness, as well as in business. Often, these life coaches are referred to as "fitness coaches" or "business coaches."

Time Frame

The amount of time the life coach spends with the individual varies. It depends on how long the goal or plan is expected to take as well as how long the individual wishes to pay the life coach. A general average is around 1 or 2 months. As an Life Coach, my  job is to help you help yourself and educate, enlighten and empower you in many different ways.


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