​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.

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Certified Grief Educator/Consultant

Tired of Living A Lie

If you have been there for everybody but nobody has been there for you. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. If you can’t really trust people. If you don’t always trust yourself. If you are angry. If you are hurt. If you are numb because of some pain, some lost, some rejection, some bad experience at work, a relationship, your family or death or sorrow has shown up. Then I can help you help yourself heal and hope again.


As a Counselor-Consultant, I provide health information (prevention/intervention/post-intervention) advice, support, and suggestions for optimal health, healing, hope for recovery and stability for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


A counselor is a professional who has been educated, trained and experienced in provide counseling, therapy, consultations and help to persons experiencing trauma, stress, health and or personal related issues. I serve as a Health Educator Counselor to provide:

One on one interview sessions;
Health and Wellness education and advisement.