Eric Rogers, Ph.D, Professor  Author  Educator
Counselor-Consultant, Teaching Artist, Life Coach, History Story Teller, World Traveler and Overachiever.

Dr. Rogers is a Harvard educated, 36 year higher education veteran and 6x former “Teacher of the Year” recipient, tenured Professor of Psychology, and author of #1 Amazon Best Seller "From Harvard To Heaven: How To Live Your Dreams and Life's Purpose".

The Rogers Group (International) founded in 2006, specializes in teaching, learning, educating, motivational speaking and consulting in the areas of education,counseling, multiculturalism, diversity, financial investments, relationships. applied behavioral analyses and success strategies domestically and internationally.

​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.

        International Education


The Rogers Group International


                     Teaching        Learning    &    Counseling  Around The World

Dr. Rogers is a Professor of Education in which he serves as a faculty member internationally in the British West Indies and Caribbean Islands providing advising, instruction and teaching to master's and doctoral level students.

In addition, he is the Founder/CEO of The Rogers Group (International) with over 30 years of diverse experience in education ranging from high school, community college, state university, four year university, graduate and professional levels of teaching, learning, assessment, counseling and evaluations, distance learning, online courses and web-based applications. 


To be educated is to be rich. Rich with knowledge, information and power.

The rich make profits,the rest of us make excuses.

It's what you don't know that is hindering you. It's what you don't do that is hurting you.”

People either make you rich or they make you poor. In order to have more,you have to learn. more.”
 “You have to make life choices or life will make the choices for you.