Life is the cruelest teacher. She gives you the exam first, then. the lesson.

You have to teach people, train people and then tame people how to treat you.

​To be alive at all is to have scars (John Steinbeck)

The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

All writers are angry. It's best they be left alone.


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Dr. Eric Rogers is a Professor of Psychology and Counseling in Chicago, Illinois.. He is also an Educator, Author, Consultant, Life Coach, Behavioral Therapist, Adoption Advocate, Teaching Artist, History Storyteller, World Traveler and Overachiever. As a national transformational motivational speaker, he lectures on Race, Cultural Diversity, Behavioral Therapies, Ethics and Counseling on Everyday Personal and Life Issues, Careers and Relationships. A Harvard graduate and former “Teacher of the Year “recipient, Dr. Rogers lectures and speaks nationwide  and internationally providing seminars and workshops around the world including (the U.S., Africa, Caribbean Islands and Europe). He is also a Professor of Education, Advisor and Mentor  internationally (British West Indies Caribbean Islands) for master and doctoral degree level students.


​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.