​​​​Eric Rogers, Ph.D.                                        

Thousands of American families are created every year through adoption, and the benefits of adoption affect everyone involved:

Adoptive families, who often choose adoption because of infertility, are granted an opportunity to become parents.
A child is provided a two-parent home with a stable income.
A woman, who may not be ready to raise a child, can select a family that she knows will raise her child as she
would like to and is also able to pursue goals of continuing her education or career.

Every day, men and women consider and often choose adoption. They understand the benefits of adoption for children and want the best for them. And in many cases, the benefits of adoption have led to ongoing relationships between them and their children.

Today, adoption is a beneficial option for many people in many ways.

Adoption Advocate.

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Dr. Rogers has been an Adoption Advocate for over 26 years and is the father of four children through adoption. As an Adoption Advocate, he has promoted this cause and commitment with conviction by teaching in higher education on the topic/subject of adoption, presenting issues and arguments to family and friends, associates, acquaintances, making referrals, soliciting advice/consultation and as broad-based as working at the state and national levels to champion the adoption cause.